Salceda to A Barxa – 8 Oct 2022

The longest day yet it was planned as 26 km but then we had assumed that our off camino hotel would arrange a lift which didn’t materialize. So we ended up walking an extra 7 km. Plus our hostal is 2 km further than we thought. The garmin in tracked distance is 36.4km. We were on the road for just over 12 hours.

The area is really beautiful and is a constant blend of old and new.

This is one of the river crossings on our route

To pass the time we have been recording some songs accompanied by natural sounds and the crunch crunch of feet on gravel

The Camino tends go through to the churches in the areas which are usually the oldest and in most need of repair.

Another of todays challenge was a horse on a narrow path

3 thoughts on “Salceda to A Barxa – 8 Oct 2022”

  1. Dave the Brave and Sandy who’s Dandy!

    36.4km! That’s a big day!
    And challenging too when you expect not to do as much …
    Keep on keeping on!
    Can you give us a km to go figure in your daily report? Or is that something you don’t want to focus on?

  2. 36kms in a day! Huge! That’s very far!
    Was there no way to harness the horse for the journey? ?
    Thinking of you both!

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