Chantada to Rodeiro – 10 Oct 2022

We officially walked 26.6 km today ( 28km on Garmin) and now have 78.9km to go and then we would have walked officially 827km.

Today we passed the 100km to go mark


Today we walked in rain and mist – the first time since 1 Sep which is unusual for this region – rains have been scarce – a lot of the bracken has died.

Lot of brown bracken
Jules in WhatsApp mode on the road
Singing & Dancing in the rain

Apart from the rain and the 100k to go the other highlight of the day was the climb up Mount Fero which although we could see nothing – it is the highest peak in Galicia

On top of Alto de Fero

One of the paths to the top has 14 crosses representing the stations of the crucifixion – we left a chestnut with Lee’s name carved in it plus an acorn at the 8th station.

Instinct told us to place it there. In looking up – the 8th station was the right place to symbolically place this token of love.

The 8th station is where the women weep for Jesus. In his suffering, they saw his innocence, which moved them to tears. But they don’t see that the forces that carried Jesus to the cross — selfishness, fear, greed, pride — are also at work in their own hearts. Jesus calls them to transform their pity into a change of heart.

In reflection with the untimely passing of Lee – the message to me is to change my heart away from sadness & frustration and move toward caring, love and truth in the future actions. It is no longer acceptable to be quiet and compliant just to keep the peace – we have to speak the truth as we understand it to be, in order to show our care and love. This will require self knowledge and discipline.

0n a different subject these forests we have come across many interesting looking mushrooms …

The following is todays elevation profile from the garmin

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