Salamanca Orientation

  • Barry 

Municipal Albergue de Peregrino Salamanca 28 April 2018

Outside the alberque








Due to the delayed train experience I decided to stay in Salamanca for the night and not push it into a threatening rain. So after the cathedral getting a first stamp and spending time at the chapel to Santiago and Theresa  I decided to find a place to sleep. The via del la plata app is really great as well as Gerald Kelly’s books …The Albergue has 14 beds – the queuing system is place your bag at the door and hope you have a bed There are other places to stay – I called Albergue Erasmus home but they were full – spoke good English too anyway I waited in the queue – some cyclists and many other walking peregrines – got reminded about a story from long ago of “no room at the inn you must take the barn” story good news is  I made it into a bed- only one left was top bunk in a very tight room with 4 double bunks – once I had laid out my sleeping bag – ie reserved my bed I walked around Salamanca









Walk to plaza mayor and cathedral



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