Day 1 Salamanca – Calzada de Valdunciel

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Songs of the road


Crucify your mind  by Sixto Rodriquez


Crucify your mind

Was it a huntsman or a player

That made you pay the cost

That now assumes relaxed positions

And prostitutes your loss?

Were you tortured by your own thirst

In those pleasures that you seek

That made you Tom the curious

That makes you James the weak?


And you claim you got something going

Something you call unique

But I’ve seen your self-pity showing

As the tears rolled down your cheeks


Soon you know I’ll leave you

And I’ll never look behind

‘Cos I was born for the purpose

That crucifies your mind

So con, convince your mirror

As you’ve always done before

Giving substance to shadows

Giving substance ever more


And you assume you got something to offer

Secrets shiny and new

But how much of you is repetition


That you didn’t whisper to him too










Interpreting crucify your mind

What is the message?

always a curious part of interpreting our subconscious

My focus on this song was around the lines

Tom the curious

James the weak


And also ….

giving substance to shadows

Giving substance evermore


The song could be taken at a shallow physical level most often interpreted as about a girl

Then at another level it could be about but all of us as a whole. We all think we’re unique, but how much of our thinking is conditioned by society, the media, misguided schooling or well intended religious up bringing, manipulating governments, self serving leadership and organisations.

Are we part of a “matrix” that we just don’t see and don’t see the need to change

So where do Tom the curious and James the weak fit in ?


Well …

Tom the curious & James the weak

Tom the curious is assumed to be the so called doubting Thomas who was a courageous man who was brave enough to question the resurrection of Jesus. needed physical proof doubting.Thomas represents skeptics who refuse to believe without direct personal experience.

Theologians see this skeptical approach as biblical encouragement for the use of physical experiences such as pilgrimages.


There a number of People that could be referenced as James at least 5 I found in looking at this . Most likely the reference is James the Just – cousin or half brother of Jesus.

One other James is James the great (son of Zebedee) was one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus, and traditionally considered the first apostle to be martyred. He is the patron saint of Spaniards and Portuguese, and as such is often identified as Santiago.


So what is the message

It is a not a simple one …to me at the moment the answer lies in the title – crucify your mind – the mind relates to ego – “I think therefore I am” said Descartes is not strictly true – we do have a mind which is one of our prime intelligence centers we also have a physical body, a feeling body, a spiritual body. We need to acknowledge all of these bodies.

Look at these words

“Were you tortured by your own thirst

In those pleasures that you seek

That made you Tom the curious

That makes you James the weak?”

Not being satisfied with what we have and are results in the torture in the thirst for more” hence our minds become curious and at the same times weak”

The answer lies in recognizing all that we have – all the privileges and blessings and to be grateful and to decide how these blessings can be used for the good.


…well maybe I will ponder this more tomorrow but who knows what song will become a mind worm

Albergue Calzada de Valdunciel









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