Day 1 Salamanca – Calzada de Vuldunciel

  • Barry 

A cold day

Leaving Albergue de Peregrino

Packing up at Albergue de Peregrino Salamanca





The night was a bit challenging – went to bed around 9.45 pm – the gent below me was grumpy and there was a lot of snoring – and every time someone went to the loo they made a lot of noise inspire of trying to be quiet – there were 8 people on double bunks in the room – I tried not to move too much but found that I had forgotten to take some of my clothes and other odds downstairs to my haversack – so just had to sleep around them  – eventually the grumpy guy grumped his way out of the room about an hour or so later i needed to go to the loo and heard snoring downstairs in the common room – eventually the source of the snoring was discovered -the grumpy guy was sleeping on a thin mattress on the floor in a dark corner

i decided not to set an alarm and just get up when the room did which happened around 6.45 The  packing and preparing for the day which was going to be cold and wet was a flurry of 14 people scurrying around trying to eat something or do ablutions or pack – funny how the bag gets smaller and the same amount of things are being packed

the pic below is a pano photo of the room full of packing as the  two cyclist Peregrinos were getting ready to leave – they were first up and were from Denmark

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