Day 17 Oseira to Castro-Dozon

  • Barry 

This is a pic of the morning sun catching the spires of the monastery – i started off the day so keen to catch a pic of the sun awakening the monastery that I ended up walking about a km out of town in the wrong direction and was wondering why there were no markers – so taking out the app for the first time today I retraced my steps and was soon on the path – school boy error – rule is when you get into a town work out which way to walk next day – look for the next markers as Towns can be tricky especially when one is still waking up

this day started with an incredible feeling of gratitude – Gratitude for the help that Jules gave in terms of buying the right equipment- planning for the weather – the gloves, sticks right clothes the smartphone apps the equipment and of course the ability to be in this experiential immersion


the hill climbs and descents were manageable the legs were holding

the beauty of the surrounds were wonderful


my mind was taking in the surrounds and at the same time thinking about the importance of planning, feedback, perseverance and flexibility – at all times keeping an eye on the outcome – this experience has provided countless examples of this

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