Salamanca Region Names of towns

  • Barry 

Many have the main business of the area in the title – thus clearly wine growing country

the town we stayed in overnight was “El Cubo de Tierra del Vino” – this was explained as the area or cup of earth that provides the wine

In Morales del Vino I stopped in in a place called “ Maikel’s COOFFEE Bar –  a little pub


Had a small tapas which could have been anything – I have no idea – it was nice anyway – maybe curried calamari or cow stomach again – they have all of the tapas on display then heat up what you select in a Microwave

The walk from morales del Vino down to Zamora was gentle enough but painful as by this stage my right foot was in agony the top tendons of my right foot were just so irritated this was unexpected but clearly I have to nurture this


Selfie off the bridge









Zamora from the bridge

Plaza de Santa Lucia








Zamora old town from the bridge over Rio Duero

Municipal Albergue de Peregrino Zamora

There were lots of inner journeys going on today many masked by pain and fear of failure but it is too late to go into all that now – tomorrow is. Shorter day so I will have more time to reflect

it is interesting to see how many people have physical challenges with their feet or shoulders or necks – all persist onward – there ar many inner challenges that get brought to the surface through this process


As I lie in bed and feel the throb in the feet slowly ebb away and reflect on life I am also amazed at how many people – mainly men – SNORE and they don’t even wake themselves up – I dare not get the earplugs as I will be guilty of scratching in bags which is another thing we peregrinos should not do






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