Always take the weather with you

Today I had two song worms in my head….In that well known song by Crowded House…. Always take the weather with you “ i felt very privileged to have good boots great hiking pants wonderful warm clothing and while it did rain a bit and was quite cold at times it was great walking

the street signs were reporting between 3 and 0 degrees I don’t think it was 0 – I think wind chill had an influence on the zero measure

the weather for tomorrow in the area on is predicting 2deg – once again from the south east so from the back left as walking

the only part of the equipment is the R70 poncho from outdoor warehouse the right side is in tatters all the poppers pulled out and stripped – so tonight I duct taped the poncho

It was quite fascinating at times with the wind from left the poncho ended up like a sail on the right

i will see if I can a more robust poncho in Zamora in 2 days when I get there

A Spanish Peregrino lady passed me wearing a Vaude poncho like a rain jacket with arms and fits nicely around the haversack – she bought it on line

Always take the weather with you

Zero Degrees Centigrade

Warming up – 3 Degrees

The weather challenge




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