The song Isn’t it a pity

  • Barry 

sent me down the following thought path


The verse is:

Some things take so long

But how do I explain

When not too many people

Can see we’re all the same

And because of all their tears

Their eyes can’t hope to see

The beauty that surrounds them

Now, isn’t it a pity


This verse is how we let other issues not let us see the beauty around us

In this context it is the weather or the pack or the aching feet or the distance to go …any myriad of things that we allow to distract


Right now lying in bed after only 21 km I feel all kinds of aches & pains

Neck, shoulders quads, top of right foot, right toe … to be expected still getting Camino fit…

Tomorrow it is 32km

An extra 12km to today’s trip


Hopefully there will be places to stop – we have been told the Camino path is flooded so we need to stick to highway to Zamora and after 7km there is a place to stop

Not a bad thing as there are less hills and vales on the highway

Got to find the positive

this Albergue was really great – for €2 got all dirty clothes washed & dried and also had a wonderful three course meal with options of vegetable soup, spaghetti bolognaise, salad, pudding plus water, red wine followed by a digestive ( hierber) – just have to bless the food as being picky about carbs is not possible

there are so many wonderful people along the way that help – especially for me with my poco espanjol


Albergue F&M – home for the night in El Cubo de la Terra del Vino

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