Brandberg – White Lady Lodge 20 April 2021

  • Barry 

We drove down round the Brandberg Mountain up the Ugap river with some tricky river bed crossings

Entry into river bed

Exit from river bed

and fresh lion tracks as well as a lion kill only meters away from where we were doing our river crossing

we eventually arrived at the White Lady River Lodge for our overnight stop.

The Brandberg mountains are named after the appearance at sunset of mountains on fire. The Brandberg is home to the White Lady Rock paintings which have been dated to be over 20 000 years old.

We did not climb the Brandberg to the White Lady paintings but thought it worth sharing some info from Wikipedia: ” It is usually assumed that the painting shows some sort of ritual dance, and that the “White Lady” is a shaman. She has white legs and arms, which may suggest that her body was painted or that she was wearing some sort of decorative attachments on her legs and arms. She holds a bow in one hand and perhaps a goblet in the other. Because of the bow and the oryxes, the painting has also been interpreted as a hunting scene. Apart from the shaman/lady, the other human figures have less detail, and are mostly completely black or completely white. One of the oryxes has human legs. The painting was probably made of ochre, charcoal, manganese, hematite, with blood serum, egg white, and casein used as binding agent.” this pic below is touched up to emphasize colour


Jules discovered some furry friends to share her love with

and of course what is a trip in the bush without something mechanical needing attention

– this time it was was Safari 2’s (Andre, Lizzy, Samantha) Toyota 2.8GD6¬† battery terminal shaking loose –

but with the handy men like Adrian and Axel the job was finished in no time

so we were soon on our way heading North East to the Etosha pan Рwe stopped along the way for Brunch alongside the road  Рroads and stops are clean compared to South Africa and many drivers friendly giving little hello toots as they pass by

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