Kunene River 23 April 2021

  • Barry 

After Etosha we headed north to the Angola border town of Ruanca and the Kunene river.

The towns that we passed through are so familiar to anyone who spent time on the border in the 1970s -Ondangwa, Oshakati, Outapi.

We were treated to some unexpected police hospitality in Oshakati    Рwe were given a police escort through the town Рthrough traffic lights Рwhen we were separated by traffic lights they stopped on coming traffic to allow us to catch up Рon the outskirts of town we were stopped and told to keep together and not let one another get separated as some bad experiences had happened  in the area. Рwill post some pics later. It was a really good and interesting experience.

The shopping centre in Oshakati was like being in any major SA town – we have not felt threatened by any activities on the trip


The campsite at Kunene river lodge was great – lovely grass and facilities


we even had a Pilates class

and a special appearance by a large breasted visitor




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