Canyons & River Bed Driving 29 April 2021

After leaving Etambura we drove on the flat wilderness areas of the Kaokaveld

along tracks and riverbed driving was the order of the day

We came across about 10 offroad motorbike riders and their three back up vehicles – looked like they were having major fun

We camped in the Puros canyon community camp

we were once again spoiled with wonderful food cooked on a combination of gas cooker and campfire

and there was once again for a touch of guitar & sing song

The excellent documentary Vanishing Kings was filmed in this region – story about Namibian lions – see

The route continues took us through the tiny settlement of Puros before we enter the Puros Canyon

This is the one shop in Puros servicing about 10 tiny houses and the odd passing trade

We were delighted by the name of the shop – clearly an avid UK footie fan involved

the light angle wasn’t the best so you need to look closely to see its name…


2 thoughts on “Canyons & River Bed Driving 29 April 2021”

  1. Now understand why this is such magnificent territory to explore and experience. Really miss the sing-song alongside the evening fire!

    1. Yes Chris – you & Jax would love this area it is vast , harsh and full of grandeur and beauty.
      It would be great having us both on guitars and some harmonies

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