Heading North through Zambia – Lusaka – 31 May & 1 June 2021

  • Barry 

After saying farewell to Eagles rest we started heading north to Lusaka.

Barry had been suffering from severe headaches and body aches for a few days and after some discussion with locals felt that Malaria treatment would not do too much harm even though the malaria test was negative. The coartem treatment did not change any symptoms. After reaching Lusaka we asked around for some help and were recommended by Helen (our kinesiologist In Cape Town) to get in touch with Nancy of Mudpackers (https://mudpackers.co.zm/) who recommended going to the SES clinic which happened to be next door to the Eureka campsite where we were staying.

Specialty Emergency Services (SES) ((https://www.ses-unisure.com/) is a Zambian-based company, offering premium health and life insurance protection to individuals, families and corporations, covering our members both in-country and internationally. They have a clinic in Lusaka and one in Kitwe. The clinic is very well run with a number of doctors, onsite laboratory and pharmacy services. Many “Ex Pats” are members. It would be well worth becoming a member if living in Zambia. After examination of some of the insect bites it was concluded that tick bite fever was he most likely cause of the Headaches. Dr Tasha prescribed a course of Doxycycline and some probiotics. After 5 days the headaches were gone and the bites healed.

Eureka campsite (http://eurekacamp.com/) is on the road just 15 minutes south of Lusaka situated on a Private Game Farm. The spacious grounds offer many shady camping spots, a range of self catering and en suite chalets and a bunkhouse for backpackers. The hot water donkey was not working 100% so showers were not hot – they were aware and working on them.

The grounds are nice and flat with thatched rondawels with power and lights cleverly providing shelter from sun, rain & cold

The animals around the camp are tame and used to vehicles and people so Jules managed to get some nice close up pics of Zebra




After the clinic we drove across the south end of Lusaka (avoiding the central Lusaka traffic)

On this road we saw many different enterprising Zambians at work – these are some of the images from alongsie the road – “crocs” (copies of)

cooking equipment




Plants and a robot (that was working)


Mudpackers helped us with our inverter that was not working and we also visited their shop and bought a nice travel bag and some water purification chemicals.

Mudpackers are experienced 4×4 enthusiasts. They are a one-stop shop for off road and camping adventures. They provide state-of-the-art equipment and can help install and set up off road vehicles. They also do gas refills and rent out 4×4 vehicles. It was pleasing to see they also supply Cooper tyres – not easy to get outside of South Africa. Their website is comprehensive and worth going through it includes some nice blogs worth reading (https://mudpackers.co.zm).

There is a good cafe next to Mudpackers  (The Zambean Coffee Company) – we had a good lunch and some enjoyable tea combined with juice before moving on.


From Lusaka we left early in the morning heading north to Mkushi



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