Lake Tanganyika 3 & 4 June 2021

  • Barry 

The Old Great North Road was truly great – we could travel decent speeds between towns and not many potholes – the road has no orange warnings on google maps

The last approx 30km was interesting great for a while then we were in the middle of roadworks with workers asking for water and us dodging bulldozers , water trucks, graders, workers and civilians.

This section of road looks quite good

– the area is hilly & beautiful

The last 10km are through two sad very poor villages and still quite hectic road.

Some locals – transporting coal

It was a very long day and we got there at last. Yay – Isanga Bay Lodge – Lester had told us about it – normally people catch a ferry but we wanted our vehicle with us as we thought we would be camping.

We were met by the manager Yolandi (from Gauteng) and after a tour of the accommodation and facilities  decided to stay in one of the cottages as we both felt like a treat and Jules was feeling “not quite right”.

Well done Lester tanks for the recommendations this is a beautiful place

It is worth looking at the website and also the article on

Getting to & from Isanga bay by boat is an hour ride – by car it is at least 3 hours – the roads is being worked on so it might be quicker in future.

The local villagers also take a ferry to the closest big town (Mpulungu)- this is local village ferry taking folk for a morning’s shopping/work

Barry took the opportunity to have a little paddle out past the point and back (the video wouldn’t post so this is a “moment”)

The local fisherman also went out at night with lights luckily they were not on those massive mad max type Kapenta fishing rigs with powerful diesel engines throbbing all night – the local fishermen  rowed out just as the sun was setting and were quiet

This is a pic of the shore break as the sun was setting – just above ankle height

The sunset across Lake Tanganyika

And of course the local cat will always find Jules – she carried the cat food from Cape Town – This little one knew where to come for some grub – sitting on the entrance to our cottage

The food was good so we indulged in dinner both nights

The next stage was getting to the border and through to Tanzania









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