Serengeti Day 4 – 16 June 2021

Day 4 was a big driving day (The track is in Red) – yes we did cover the some of the same ground as before – every day is different – you just have to slow down a bit more in order to see more
We went into the Western corridor North & South of the main road heading west) and then turned around and went down south to Simba Koppies and then South West to Moru koppies

In the western corridor we came across massive herds heading toward the Grumeti River but no crossings in the areas we were driving – we had limited views of river

In the south just after simba koppies we saw a hyena in side culvert resting

Simba Koppies was disapointing as the Veronica Rood guidebook and T4A (Tracks for Africa) were both out of date as the roads have been closed around the koppies so one can no longer drive around the koppies – one can only view from the main road between Seronera and Naabi Hill Gate

The road to Lake Magadi (below Serengeti Sopa Lodge high up on Emkati hill) heading toward Gong Rocks and Moru koppies was full of migrating herds – as far as they eye could see – these were about 10 to 15 deep and about a km long

At Moru Koppies we were taken on a tour of the small memorial for Proff Bernard Grzimek(Frankfurt Zoological Garden) and his son Michael -This father and son team were extraordinary conservationists . Their film “Serengeti Shall Not Die” was a global success. Bernhard Grzimek received an Academy Award for the film in Hollywood in 1960. It was the first German Oscar and the only one ever awarded to a wildlife documentary. His son never lived to receive his honour. He died before the end of filming in 1959 when his zebra-striped Dornier crashed. Read up more on

After leaving Moru Koppies we came across a very full Hyena sleeping in the road – with a number of injured (limping)  Wildebeest close by on the vicinity.


Further north another guided vehicle kindly stopped and asked us if we had seen the lions in the tree  “Lions in tree!! – How exciting – He said we should follow him  – so we did We were pretty desperate to see the big cats as we had missed seeing them on the previous days – so we followed and there they were

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