Arriving in Arusha 19 June 2021

The trip to Arusha was smooth, roads great , stopped for a bite to eat on the fancy road up to a United Nations criminal investigation building and then reached Arusha -the difference in vegetation is very noticeable – a much greener surrounding

What a busy place Arusha is – the road entering was crowded with informal traders on the left and formal businesses on the right

The road busy with men pushing wheelbarrows of various designs, bicycles, motorbikes, bajajis, taxis, safari vehicles, buses and cars

We followed Garmin and and google maps and made our way through Arusha past the clock tower roundabout up to the main road to USA River looking for Twiga lodge – which was our destination for the night – we eventually got to a really bad gravel road on the border of Arusha National Park and started heading south – and by now seriously questioning all our navigation aids – and then we found Twiga lodge

What a delight – we met Paul & Erika Sweet and were immediately invited to have a cup of tea

We were in Little England with Tudor cottages and immaculate gardens

it wasn’t long before we had pitched camp and settled in

even got the guitar out

then we explored around Twiga Shaw lodge…

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