Getting to Serengeti 4 Aug

  • Barry 

The map below is from T4A (Tracks 4 Africa) – really useful – arrow 1 is the campsite at Lengai Safari Lodge – For interest,in case you are wondering what the 6 in the green circle indicates? …there are 6 known campsites in that area. (Details of the different campsites are available on the app at a more detailed resolution). In case anyone is concerned about the campsite being underwater – it was dry and on a hill.

From Lake Natron to Klein’s Gate

The following is the info on T4A on Lengai Safari Lodge

T4A entry for Lengai Safari Lodge

While this is what was on the Wasso campsite – not much as you can see and it was not great

Oops not much at Wasso

The following is my entry (the one) in the iOverlander app – what you can note is that the last entry was 2018 then nothing until our entry in Aug 2021 – so clearly COVID had its impact here

Moving on from Wasso ( it was not difficult to leave) we eventually arrived at Klein’s gate at about 3pm and after paying a fortune again to get into Serengeti we tried to find the camp from directions given…oops

Unfortunately we were not given coordinates and because it is a wild temporary camp it was not signposted. We ended up driving south and when we were next to the Lobo Hills (position 1) we realized we were too far south and this road was not going to go west. We had started at position 0 on the map below. So we drove back north and found a road heading west that we had somehow missed and came across this sign

The sign was meaningless as our directions had none of these names. We eventually got onto a main road on the west side that headed north but then realized we were then too far north so turned around again – remember no cell phone signal in the park – so tricky. We found a wrong camp that felt it was in the right area but then gave up as it was getting late and decided to hand it over to the Angels and head north toward the airstrip at Kogatende – we had heard the ranger there has helped lost “self drive” souls camp in the vicinity. So we thought if need be spend the night and continue looking in the morning. Half way to the airstrip at position 2 on the map we move out the way for an approaching vehicle that was driving very fast and it was like our very own “ Dr Livingstone I presume” moment.

If Carel was not in the full vehicle we would have driven past. We followed the safari vehicle that was driving fast to get to camp before dark – it was a tricky drive and we eventually got to our campsite – which was impossible to find even if you know it’s there.

We had the most glorious time at the great migrations camp and saw crossings and met some great folk

On our first morning Carel informed us he was coming in our vehicle and we would do our own self drive to fully explore the park – what joy …more in the next post

Klein’s gate

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